First for Colour
The first 3D digitizer with colour capability, Cyberware's Model 3030 delivers industry-leading performance for a variety of applications.
In less than a minute, the 3030 scans an object at high resolution and shows you the resulting 3D image on a graphics workstation - complete with true-to-life colour.

The Power of Colour
The availability of colour information to 3D digitising provides nearly all the information a graphics application needs to fully describe an object. In addition to enhancing realism in graphic models, colour denotes boundaries that are not obvious from shape alone. Colour indicates surface texture and reflectance. Moreover, by marking an object's surface before digitising, you can use colour to transfer ideas from the object to the graphic model.
In specialised applications, colour can reveal characteristics such as skin discoloration, the grain of a piece of wood, or the locations of fasteners. Working in the infrared region, a customised colour subsystem can even detect surface temperature.

High-Performance 3D Digitizing
The Model 3030 digitizer is an advanced, general-purpose implementation of Cyberware's proven 3D digitising technology. The 3030 incorporates a rugged, self-contained optical range-finding system, whose high sensitivity accommodates varying lighting conditions and surface properties. Entirely software controlled, the 3030 requires no user adjustments in normal use.
In operation, the 3030 shines a safe, low-intensity laser on an object to create a lighted profile. A high-quality video sensor captures the profile from two viewpoints. The system can digitise thousands of these profiles in a few seconds to capture the shape of the entire object. Simultaneously, a second video sensor in the 3030 acquires colour information.
The scanning process captures an array of digitised points, with each point represented by x, y, and z co-ordinates for shape and 24-bit RGB co-ordinates for colour. The 3030 transfers this data via SCSI to a graphics workstation for immediate viewing and modification.
For applications that do not need colour information, the 3030 is available at a slightly lower cost without the colour subsystem. This shape-only version of the 3030 offers the same high-performance 3D digitising as the colour version and can be field upgraded to include colour.

Operating Requirements
The 3030 digitizers require an external motion platform, power supply, controller, and software - all of which are available from Cyberware. The 3030 is compatible with Cyberware's PS, MS, LN and MM motion platforms, as well as a variety of standard and semi-custom platforms. The 3030HIREZ digitizer head is compatible with Cyberware's MS and MM motion platforms, as well as custom and some semi-custom platforms.
Maximum performance is obtained under typical office lighting conditions. The 3030RGB is colour balanced for use under cool white fluorescent lighting at 60 Hz line frequency. Some colour banding may occur when used with lighting powered by 50 Hz line frequency electrical service.