Rapid scanning capabilites
The MS motion platform fully supports the rapid scanning capabilities of Cyberware 3D digitizers. The use of industrial robotics components insures rugged construction and highly precise operation, as well as allowing the platforms to adapt to a wide variety of digitising tasks. Many years of experience with fast 3D digitising have helped Cyberware's technical staff optimise these electromechanical platforms for the widest possible range of uses.

The MS Motion Platform
The MS motion platform is especially well suited to the types of subjects digitised in model shop and animation work. The MS platform adjusts quickly to accommodate subjects such as 1/5-scale automobile models and other objects that will be incorporated into CAD/CAM systems.

To achieve a variety of digitising patterns, the MS platform features both rectangular and cylindrical scan paths plus rectangular/cylindrical combinations. One platform moves objects along the length of the platform, while another platform rotates the object. By combining these movements, you can get detailed scans of an entire object - even exotically shaped objects.

All of the platform's movements are controlled by software running on a workstation connected via a standard SCSI interface. Cyberware's flexible software programming gives you complete control over the platform's movement, without requiring operators to make time-consuming adjustments to the platform itself. The only manual adjustment on the platform is the digitizer height, which is quickly set.

The Motion Platform of Choice
Using the MS motion platform can save you months of development work in creating a customised platform. The motion range of this platform has been chosen to accommodate the vast majority of 3D digitising applications. However, if the standard MS platform does not suit your application for any reason, you can modify the platform easily or have Cyberware do so at the factory.