Please select the file to download. The USD ($) Price is Correct. The Pound and Euro are for Guidance Only

Model 15 Download 175K Small Desktop Scanner
PS Portrait Scanner Download 162K Human Head Scanner
MM Hirez Colour Download 167K Medium Sized Model Scanner
MS Download 160K Large Sized Model Scanner
LN Linear Only Download 158K Linear Motion Only
3030 RGB Camera Head Download 169K Camera for PS MM MS LN Platforms
3030 HRC Camera Head Download 137K HiRez Colour Map data same as 3030
CyberWare Software Download 155K Software to drive the scanner, edit, decimate and convert data
CyberWare Products Overview Download 333K A Guide to CyberWare Equipment
WB4 Whole Body Download 237K Whole Body Scanner
Current Price List Download 340K Price List in US$ (£ and Euros are only a guide)
. . . .
Complete Info Pack (all above) Download 2000K All data files from above