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Rapid Non-Contact Laser Scanning





Cyber-Site Europe in Hayes, Middlesex, has established itself as the leading 3D scanning bureau in the UK. With high-profile clients such as Industrial Light and Magic, Lost in Space., Cinesite, The Mill, Jim Henson's Creature Shop and The Magic Camera Company, the chances are that you will have seen Cyber-Site's high-quality CG models not only on the big screen, but on TV features and commercials, and in computer games.

Screen credits include Judge Dredd, Lost in Space, Star Wars: Episode 1, Event Horizon, The Fifth Element and Mission Impossible 2.

Music videos are utilising CG components more frequently, and Cyber-Site has provided models for videos by Bjork, Melanie G, Future Sound of London, Pet Shop Boys and Genesis.

Utilising Cyberware laser-stripe technology, which has won Academy Awards for Technical Innovation, Cyber-Site can scan models, obects and live human subjects, and output high-resolution CG models in a matter of hours, in most recognised industry formats.

No other bureau can match the speed and versatility that Cyber-Site's 10 years of experience offers, and having scanned everyone from Prime Ministers to superstars, you are assured of the utmost levels of professionalism and discretion.

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