Small enough to fit on a desktop
Cyberware's LN motion platform provides basic scanning support for the Model 3030 series of rapid 3D digitising units. This inexpensive platform is small enough to fit on a desktop. It offers simple, yet highly accurate motion for digitising many different types of objects.

Because the platform works with the same digitising unit used with Cyberware high-end motion platforms, you're assured of the high image quality that has made Cyberware the leader in the field. Scanning speed is also comparable to that of the high-end platforms. The desktop platform thus lowers the cost of rapid 3D digitising, without sacrificing high speed and image quality and when an application calls for a simple linear scan path, the LN platform is ideal.

In addition to production-volume digitising, the desktop motion platform furnishes an excellent way to explore the feasibility of rapid 3D digitising for any application.

The LN Motion Platform
The LN motion platform moves the Model 3030 digitising unit along a linear scan path. The digitizer moves while the object to be digitised remains stationary.
The LN platform is thus useful for scanning a wide variety of objects - including objects too large to move conveniently. The platform's small size and light weight make it the perfect choice for portable digitising.
In less than 30 seconds the LN platform scans one side of an object. Using Cyberware software, you can combine multiple scans of the object to create a complete 3D computer model of the object in colour.
The LN platform digitises objects as long as 50cm. The platform is fully software controlled, allowing you to set the digitising resolution. Typical minimum resolution is approximately 0.5mm.

Low Cost Digitizing
Using one of Cyberware desktop motion platforms gives you the best of quality and cost. The simple motion of the platforms keeps the process simple and full software control allows you to get the scans you need. If you require a more sophisticated scan path than the desktop platforms provide, inquire about Cyberware's MS, MM and PS motion platforms.