Cost effective
The MM motion platform is a cost-effective system for making 3D scans of small objects. Like Cyberware's popular MS platform, the MM platform provides linear movement for rectangular scans and rotational movement for cylindrical scans. For small objects, the MM platform offers all the versatility of the MS platform but in a smaller size.

This versatility allows the MM platform to handle a variety of scanning applications, including scanning sculpted characters for computer animation. The platform is also an excellent choice for scanning product prototypes and packaging such as bottles and cartons.

Ideal for High-Resolution Work
Because of its small size and precise motion, the MM platform is especially useful for high-resolution colour 3D scans. Using Cyberware's high-resolution 3030HIREZ optical instrument, the MM platform provides resolutions as high as 500µm. This results in superb 3D models for animation, scientific measurements, and other applications.
The MM platform accommodates all versions of Cyberware's 3030 optical instrument. The instruments can be interchanged easily for different scanning tasks on the MM platform and for use on other motion platforms.

Complete Control
Workstation software controls all of the MM platform's movements via the scanner's SCSI controller. This software is included with the platform.
Precision servomotors rotate the scanning stage and move it linearly at all useful scanning speeds. The optical instrument remains fixed in position.
To accommodate objects that are taller than an optical instrument's field of view, the MM platform provides a manual control for adjusting the height (Y co-ordinate) of the stage. The stage can be lowered by as much as 35 cm. Additionally, an index pin allows precise height adjustments at 5 cm intervals.