Whole body Scanner
Just as Cyberware revolutionised computer graphics by allowing designers, animators, and researchers to work with true human faces, now Cyberware continues the revolution with true human forms. In as little as 12 seconds, the Cyberware WB4 whole-body scanner allows you to capture the shape and colour of the entire human body. With the WB4, animators, anthropologists, and designers can obtain alternatives to over-simplified or stylised forms. The scanner's rapid acquisition speed makes it easy to scan many subjects or different poses appropriate to the application at hand.

The Scanner
To capture the intricacies of the human body in one pass, the Cyberware whole-body scanner uses four scanning instruments mounted on two vertical towers. Each tower has a linear ball-bearing rail and servo motor assembly that moves the scanning instruments vertically. With a person standing on the scanner's platform, the scanning instruments start at the person's head and move down to scan the entire body. A primary goal of the WB4 is to acquire as complete a model as possible in one pass. The use of multiple instruments improves accuracy on the sides of the body and in difficult-to-reach areas, such as under a person's arms. While the simple anthropometrical pose gives the best results, Cyberware designed the WB4 to handle many different poses for a wide range of applications. The WB4 scans a cylindrical volume 2 meters (79 inches) high with a diameter of 1.2 meters (47 inches). These dimensions accommodate the vast majority of human subjects. For even larger subjects, available zippering software enables you to combine two or more scans quickly into a complete 3D colour model. A platform structure supports the subject and provides alignment for the towers. The system is built to withstand shipping and repeated use without realignment or adjustment.

As with Cyberware's other 3D scanners, the WB4 is controlled via Cyberware software running on a Silicon Graphics workstation (not included in the pricing). There are no operator controls on the instruments themselves. Cables connect each scanning instrument to a Cyberware SCSI controller unit and a power supply unit. The SCSI controllers connect to the workstation, which automatically collects the measurements into a complete 3D model. Graphics tools let you view the scanned model within seconds after completing a scan.